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ProBau is transforming the construction project delivery paradigm. Serving as a central point of contact, our platform reshapes the dynamic between clients and contractors, streamlining interactions. ProBau is your deciated construction scheduling app that ensures efficient collaboration, optimizing project timelines, and elevating overall project success. Experience the synergy of our platform, utilizing advanced construction management tools and fostering productive partnerships.


Efficient project delivery

Targeted business opportunities for contractors

Secure and direct communication

Transparency and trust

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Frequently Asked Questions

How this app makes easy project publishing and find contractor?
This app simplifies project publishing by providing easy project publishing for users to quickly post their projects. Additionally, it facilitates finding contractors through a comprehensive search function, streamlining the process and making it efficient for users to connect with suitable professionals
How has our app improved communication with homeowners during a construction project, ensuring transparency and satisfaction?
Our app's communication via filtration function enhances communication during construction projects, ensuring transparency and satisfaction through secure and filtered channels.
What features in our app are most helpful when you find a home construction project?
The most helpful feature in our app for finding a home construction project is the Comprehensive Search Function. This functionality allows users to easily and quickly discover relevant projects based on their preferences and requirements, streamlining the project-finding process with efficiency and precision.
What are the pricing plans for the Probau app?
The Probau app is completely free! Start publishing your projects and find contractors for your needs without any cost.

Flexible pricing plans
for every need.

Flexible pricing plans catering to every requirement. Whether you're initiating a small private project or overseeing a sizable construction company, ProBau provides customized pricing:

- Basic access for private clients
- Premium packages for professional contractors
- Customised offerings for large project

No costs during the trial period. Affordable pricing is our commitment.

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